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Every successful athlete has a coach – isn’t it time you got one too?

All of us want to achieve our potential.  Sometimes, though, we need a little help in getting there.

That’s where Off The Tarmac’s running coach Jon Rees comes in.  His experience of successfully completing ultra marathons and trail runs could be at your disposal.

This is how we can help you...

Tailored training plans

Get a training programme created especially for your needs and goals, devised by a runner who has successfully completed both trail runs and ultra marathons.

Guidance for races

Our experienced ultra marathon and trail runner will give you advice and guidance ahead of your races. Whether you need to talk about the best kit to use for the weather conditions, or the best plan to achieve your dream time, our successful ultra runner Jon will be there to support you.

One-to-one coaching

Need that extra bit of help to succeed? We offer individual coaching packages for trail runners and ultra marathon runners in Wales.


All advice is tailored to your needs.